What can I expect from a photoshoot with you?

Conversations, smiles, stories, walking, a stop here and there, and sometimes even a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. As you might have noticed from my photos, I love spontaneous shots, honest smiles and unique moments. My aim is to make you comfortable enough to forget that I'm even there registering the moments.

Which languages do you speak?

I can do the photoshoot in English, Portuguese, Spanish and German. For families that speak more than one language it's important to choose only one, which I'll communicate with you, otherwise it can be a bit confusing among the family members.

Are you available to shoot in other countries?

Yes, I'm available worldwide. Being a travel photographer and blogger means that I get to travel often. Check my Instagram or get in touch to know about my travel plans, maybe I'll be where you are and we can make a photo shoot happen. Or you can get me where you are by paying for my traveling costs or even sharing with someone else interested on a photoshoot with me too.

Do you provide the RAW images of the photo shoot?

No. I don't consider my work as done when the images are in the RAW format or unedited.

Do you always edit your images with the same filter?

Yes. I like images with warm mood, and so that's how I deliver my photos to my clients. The filter you see on my photos is one I created and I love using it.

How much do you "Photoshop" the images?

I do not alter body parts or clothing, unless it's a minor details such as a little dirt or a pimple. I mainly use Lightroom to edit the images, and only in a few cases I use Photoshop. My work is as natural as possible and I like to keep it this way.

Will you post the images of my photoshoot on social media?

I give the option to my clients. However, there is an increase of 30% on the package price if you choose not to allow me to post your images on social media. However, note that I still hold the right to use your images on my portfolio.

When do you recommend to do the maternity (baby bump) photoshoot?

I always recommend it to be between 6 to 4 weeks before the due date. That's when the bump looks best on photos.

For the newborn shoot, do you provide props and clothes?

No. I don't do the kind of newborn photoshoot in which the baby is wrapped in blankets inside baskets, etc. I shoot natural, real and raw moments together. Crying, nappy changes, snuggles, feeding, sleeping, anything can happen during a newborn session. But you are more than welcome to dress your baby as you like, and use teddy bears, etc.

Can I take my dog to the photoshoot?

If you have a dog and would like to him/her to take part in the photo shoot, of course you can. I'm a dog lover (and owner) and adore photographing them with their humans. However, we'll have to decide on a location, which is comfortable for you and your puppy, and also where pets are allowed.

What if it rains?

I find photos in the rain simply beautiful and romantic. Wherever the photoshoot will happen we'll find shelter, that being in a cafe or under an umbrella. If the weather becomes unreasonable, then we can reschedule the session for a date that works for both parties.

What happens if I need to cancel the photoshoot?

If you cancel the booking two weeks in advance you'll receive the full amount of the deposit. If you need to cancel less than two weeks you won't receive a refund. However, if you just need to postpone the photoshoot to another day, all I ask is to let me know one week prior to the photo shoot day. We will then find another date that works for the both of us.

How does the payment work?

To secure a date for your photoshoot you'll need to pay 50% of the total amount of the chosen session. The remaining amount should be paid by the photoshoot day (in cash, Paypal or bank transfer).

How and how long until I receive my photos?

Normally it takes two weeks until you receive your images, which will be available to you in a private online gallery for download.